5G is on

Take a glimpse into a world where everything connects – seamlessly enabled by 5G and IoT. Explore connected vehicles, fully immersive gaming, remote robotics and more.

Everything, Connected

Our Focus

Radio Access Network (RAN)
ECNG Focus on all Radio Access Network technologies like 3G, LTE, 5G on all vendors.We have done RAN projects with Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei Equipment.
Embedded SIM

The Embedded SIM (eSIM ) is a programmable SIM which can be remotely provisioned and integrated in any type of mobile devices whether for the consumer market (connected watches, smartphones, etc.) or the M2M market (connected meters, connected cars, etc.)


In many ways, SDN and NFV are interdependent, but when deployed together can achieve flexible, agile network infrastructures. NFV provides the basic networking functions and SDN assumes higher-level management responsibility to orchestrate overall network operations.